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Oxicash Cards
OxiCash Card FAQ's
  1. What is OxiCash Card?
  2. OxiCash Card is a Prepaid Stored Value Cash Card introduced by Oxigen Services India Pvt. Ltd. This card can be used for making payments online using PC or mobile using SMS or GPRS for a variety of services like Bill payments, Mobile and DTH/T.V recharges, Rail, Bus, Airlines & Movie tickets etc.

  3. What are different types and denominations of OxiCash Card?
  4. OxiCash Card is available in two types:
    One Time Use Cards: Available in Rs.50 and Rs.100 denomination
    Reloadable Multi Use Cards: Available in Rs. 200, Rs.500, Rs.1000, Rs.5000.

  5. What is a One Time Use card?
  6. The card can be used one time only for one service. One Time Use card, available in denominations of Rs.50 and Rs.100. This card that can be used for its full value once for any one service. There are choices of services that one can choose from, but the full amount of the card will get used for the chosen service. Use this card to purchase any one of the services printed on the back of the card, like DTH/TV Recharge, Mobile Recharges, Insurance, Mobile Fun, Phone Backup Services and SMS Packs. The card is valid for 12 months from the date printed on the card

  7. What is Multi Use Reloadable card?
  8. Multi Use Reloadable card is available in denominations of Rs.200, Rs.500, Rs. 1000 and Rs.5000. Multi Use OxiCash cards give you full value, which means that you can used them to make multiple payments across all the services , up to the limit stated on the card. If you run short of money on the card, you can easily top up / reload this card by buying a new card. The card is valid up to 12 months from the date printed or 6 months from the first use, whichever is earlier. In case of reload by another card, the validity automatically gets extended by another 6 months from the reload date.
    These cards can be used to purchase services like DTH Recharge, Mobile Recharge, Railway, Bus and Airline Tickets, Bill Payments, E-tag Recharge (Toll Tax Payments for Delhi Gurgaon), Insurance, Car Rentals, PVR Movie Tickets, Calling Cards, Nokia Music, Online Shopping, SMS Packs etc.

  9. What are the benefits I can get using OxiCash Card?
  10. Full Value – what you Pay for the card, becomes the amount you can spend on the card.

    Pay As you Go – it empowers you to do make payments anytime-anywhere with convenience and ease. Pay by SMS, GPRS, or from your PC.

    No hidden cost - You can use entire value of the card and pay for services of your choice.

    Safe and Secure Payment - It’s the smartest and most convenient option for any consumer who would like to pay for services online or on-mobile.

    Wide range of denominations - Card is available in denominations starting from Rs... 50/- to Rs.5,000/- allows the consumer to be in charge of what they spend.

  11. How do I get my Card number and Password?
  12. Scratch off gently the scratch area of the card, on the back, to reveal your card number and password.

  13. What is the OxiCash Card Number & Password, Why do i need it ?
  14. Card number is a 12 digit number (e.g. 522542952669) & the Password is the 6-digit number (e.g. 573247) placed next to card number beneath the scratched area. They are used for making all payments, as an authentication. and also used to maintain your card related details, like – what’s your balance, what have you spent etc. Please never disclose your card no and password to anyone including Oxigen customer care.

  15. What is Serial Number?
  16. Serial Number is a 8 Digit card number (e.g. 12347898) visible on the back side of the card under the denomination. This number is used for all communication with OxiCash Customer Care. This number is provided so that you do not have to part with your card number and password during any queries.

  17. How can I check the balance of my card?
  18. To check balance SMS: Card*Bal*OxiCash Card Number*OxiCash Card Password to 9870888888 or log on to www.oxicash.in

  19. How can I get in touch with Customer Care?
  20. For any queries regarding the card please call customer care 0124 – 6773377 and use Serial Number as reference

  21. How can I reload an existing Multi Use Reloadable card with a new one?
  22. A multi use card of Rs. 200 and above, which is already in use can be topped up by a NEW Multiuse card that is fresh.
    Buy a new card and send a simple SMS
    Reload*Your Mobile number*New OxiCash Card number* New OxiCash Card Password* Old OxiCash Card number to 9870888888
    Example: Reload*9888765421*123456789102*456123*201988765321
    (Where Reload is the keyword; mobile number is 9888765421; and 123456789102 is the new OxiCash Card Number, 456123 is the New OxiCash Card password ; 201988765321 is the Old OxiCash Card number you wish to recharge or reload or top-up). You can also reload the card by lodging on to www.oxicash.in The full value of new card will be added to your existing card with the validity extended by another 6 months from reload date.
    Only new and unused card can be used to Reload an existing or partially used card. You Will Receive A Confirmation SMS On Your Registered Mobile Number of the value transfer.
    Please note that the Total value of your card, after Top Up/Reloading cannot exceed Rs.10, 000.

  23. Why should I reload my multi use card?
  24. When you have some residual balance on your existing OxiCash Card and want to make more payments, but do not have enough balance, you need to RELOAD your card to make payments. This way you will also be able to use the entire value of the old card.

  25. I bought Rs.500 card and I am left with Rs.20 balance on it. I would like to use it to do a recharge of Rs.300 of my DTH. How can I do it?
  26. Since you are running out of balance, you can easily Reload your old Rs. 500 card (having balance value of Rs 20) with another new OxiCash card. So please buy a new card of Rs.500, Reload the new card value on this old card that has Rs. 20 left over on it. Once you do that, your new balance will be Rs. 520/- now. You can now pay Rs. 300 for your DTH recharge

  27. When do I need to fill in Customer details (KYC) ?
  28. For all Utility Payments (Electricity, Post Paid bills, Insurance Payments, etc) and all services provided by Oxigen on www.oxicash.in does not need Know Your Customer details.
    However, if you want to use services like PVR Cinema , Travel services from sites such as www.ezeego1.com , Online shopping portals using OxiCash as a payment mechanism, you would need KYC forms to be filled up & the required documentation to be sent to us/ uploaded . The form is on the OxiCash Card website

  29. What is my Transaction Limit?
  30. For all Utility Payments (Electricity, Post Paid bills, Insurance Payments, etc) and all services provided by Oxigen on www.oxicash.in your limit is a total of Rs. 10,000/- per transaction.
    However , if you want to use services like PVR Cinema , Travel services from sites such as www.ezeego1.com , Online shopping portals using OxiCash as a payment mechanism, your limit would be a Maximum of Rs. 5000/- per transaction after KYC clearance.

  31. How can I purchase higher value products exceeding the card value?
  32. If you have a lower value on the card than the amount you want to pay, please buy a new OxiCash card and can reload the new amount to your Old card. Now you will have sufficient balance to make your payments.
    Other than utility payments, you need to upload your KYC details to get a transaction limit of Rs. 5000 maximum per transaction after KYC verification by us and clearance.
    Your maximum limit of top up on the card is Rs.10,000.You can’t exceed topping up more than Rs. 10,000/- at any given point of time.

  33. Can I swipe this card?
  34. No, this is a scratch card and cannot be swiped for transactions.

  35. Is OxiCash Card a credit card or debit card?
  36. OxiCash Card is neither a credit nor debit card. It is a pre-paid stored value cash card that enables you to pay for different services . It has similar use like cash when paying online or by sms/gprs for services that do not accept cash transactions.

  37. How do I know the card is genuine?
  38. Ensure that the plastic pouch and the scratch area are not tampered with. After opening the card, please check whether the balance on the card exists by SMS-ing the balance message.